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Hello World. It´s me, Tomorrow

02 Mrz 2021
Hello World. It´s me, Tomorrow
Institucionais, Sector Imobiliário
Tomorrow is today. Let´s change today and we will keep visiting tomorrow.

This is a call for union. For the collective conscience and the will of these destinations to protect what has been given by nature and which is the essence of their identity.
This nature, which dazzles travelers will only be maintained if each one is responsible for attracting more conscious visitors.
To the voice of each protagonist is added an exclusive arrangement, developed from the song ”Verdes são os Campos” (Green are the fields) by Zeca Afonso which was created from a poem by Luís Vaz de Camões.
It is this new arrangement that also links the past and the future, turning each of these trips into hope for a tomorrow, where green remains dominant.

#CantSkipTomorrow​ #VisitPortugal


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